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Electricity Production

  • Electricity Information: Overview (2017 edition)

    Electricity Information 2017 includes detailed electricity and heat supply by sources and demand balances by country and by product for OECD up to 2015, with provisional data for 2016. It also contains summary tables of non-OECD electricity and heat supply and demand up to 2015. This overview from Electricity Information 2017 contains a summary of the most recent trends in electricity production, trade and consumption.

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  • World Energy Investment 2017

    The second annual IEA benchmark analysis of energy investment – the lifeblood of the global energy system – presents diverse findings, with upbeat news in some quarters and bearish indicators in others. World Energy Investment 2017 provides a critical foundation for decision making by governments, the energy industry and financial institutions.

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  • World Energy Investment 2016

    In this inaugural annual report on energy investments around the world, the International Energy Agency (IEA) looks at the lifeblood of the global energy system: investment. The ability to attract and direct capital flows is vital to transitioning to a low-carbon economy while also maintaining energy security and expanding energy access worldwide. The success or failure of energy policies can be measured by their ability to mobilise investments. This new report measures in a detailed manner the state of investment in the energy system across technologies, sectors and regions. The analysis takes a comprehensive look at the critical issues confronting investors, policy makers and consumers over the past year.

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