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International Institute for Energy Conservation (IIEC)

IIEC logoAs an organization with proven technical capabilities, IIEC designs policies, implements programs, and supports institutions that mainstream energy efficiency in the entire value chain of energy systems and use. IIEC’ s approach focuses on implementation, resulting in policies developed in partnership with key policymakers and industry in its target countries as well as the bilateral and multilateral institutions that help to shape energy policy and investment priorities globally.

IIEC is a non-governmental (NGO), not-for-profit organization, which was established in 1984, to foster the implementation of energy efficiency in developing countries and countries in transition. IIEC has full time local staff in each of its offices that are well placed to contribute to programs due to their extensive exposure to energy, transport and environmental activities in the region and their understanding of cultural issues relevant to the countries.

For the past 30 years, IIEC has been providing solutions to the problems posed by the rapidly increasing energy demand in developing and industrializing countries. IIEC has established a niche -- a provider of novel solutions with the flexibility to work simultaneously with multilateral institutions, governments, academic and research organizations industry and non-government organizations.

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Danish board of District Heating (DBDH)

DBDH logoThe Danish Board of District Heating (DBDH) is Denmark’s leading district energy export organization, and a member of the APUEA Executive Committee.

DBDH’s mission is to promote district energy to enable transformation to sustainable cities. DBDH represents the leading actors of the district energy sector, and identifies informs, and facilitates partnerships among members and partners in more than 50 countries.

Denmark has accumulated know-how through more than 100 years of experience in district heating and cooling (DHC) systems, ranging from energy planning, renewable energy and surplus energy, which results in today´s most efficient combined heat and power technology. DBDH wishes to share this experience worldwide as well as serve the interest of the industry at a local level.

For 35 years, DBDH has established an international network platform from which the members benefit. Diplomatic channels and sector-specific contacts provide DBDH with unique local knowledge, trust and partnerships. Through numerous export promotions every year, DBDH creates new business opportunities for its members. In addition, DBDH attends and arranges conferences, seminars and exhibitions to create awareness on DHC.

DBDH facilitates cooperation with other national DHC organizations in countries and geographic areas selected by the members. DBDH raises awareness of Danish expertise in DHC, and as an organization, DBDH is a well-respected business partner in markets abroad. In new markets such as Eastern Europe and Asia, new DHC organizations are established. As DBDH members gain interest in these countries and regions, DBDH establishes cooperation with relevant organizations.

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Euroheat & Power (EHP)

Euroheat & Power logoEuroheat & Power is a key international network for district energy, promoting sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and beyond, and is a member of the APUEA Executive Committee.

Euroheat & Power is a non-for-profit association headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, which unites the district energy sector. Its members come from more than 30 countries around the globe and include national district heating and cooling associations, utilities operating district energy systems, industrial associations and companies, manufacturers, universities, research institutes and consultancies active in the sector.

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International District Energy Association (IDEA)

IDEA logoThe International District Energy Association (IDEA) is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit industry association founded in the United States in 1909. IDEA has extensive experience in highly reliable thermal networks, combined heat and power, thermal storage and clean energy management to optimize energy efficiency, emissions reductions and sustainable solutions for mission-critical and community-scale markets.

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