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cover of APUEA magazine Issue 3 2018

In the third issue of the APUEA Magazine, we look into smart green buildings, provide an introduction to the green development of a new city and learn how smarter cities is a part of the future. We also present a digital roadmap for district energy and look into how sustainable urban growth can be achieved. The Magazine further includes an energy outlook of Bangkok and updates on recent APUEA activities.

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Qingdao Low-carbon District Energy Workshop

APUEA is co-hosting the “Qingdao Low-carbon District Energy Workshop,” in Qingdao on 12 December 2018. The theme of the workshop is “Multi Energy Systems and Energy Efficient Gas solutions”. The workshop will feature leading international and national experts from the industry, sharing experiences from real-world cases, enabling an excellent opportunity to share ideas, get intelligence and discuss relevant topics and business opportunities. For more information please visit

The inaugural FT Climate Finance Asia Summit brings together leading Asia companies, investors and financiers to explore the developing trends and emerging opportunities in Asia’s low-carbon transition - from the rise of sustainable investment in Asia to challenges of translating Nationally Determined Commitments (NDCs ) into projects  and the growth of green bonds as an important new source of finance for companies across the region. APUEA members are entitled to a 20% off the ticket, using the discount code APUEA.  For more information, please visit